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Conference Tracks

Technical papers describing original, previously unpublished research, not currently under review by another conference or journal, are solicited. The specific topics of the conference include, but are not limited to:
Soft Computing Techniques
Artificial Intelligence
Optical Communication Systems
Application of Internet of Things
Hybrid and Renewable Energy Sources
Cloud and Mobile Computing
Deep Machine Learning
Data Networks & Securities


BigEvolutionary Computing, Swarm Intelligence Algorithms, Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Rough Sets, Biological Computing (Bio-inspired computing), Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning Algorithms, Heuristic Search Algorithms, Hybrid Systems

Applications :

Big Data Analysis & prediction, Multimedia & Text Processing, Computational Neuroscience, Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing, Speech Processing, Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Computer Vision, Cloud Computing, Bio-informatics, Robotics, Power Systems, Biometrics and Forensics Applications, Intelligent Control Systems, Industrial Automations, Intelligent Decision Making and Support, Expert and Decision Support Systems, Optimization of complex systems, Scheduling using Computational Intelligence, Computational Intelligence on Intelligent agents, Computational Intelligence based security, System Modelling and Learning, Theoretical or empirical analysis of CI techniques for game, Computational Intelligence for Production planning and control, Computational Intelligence based Logistics Systems, Smart sensing, Automation of Financial Engineering & Economics Applications, Design of smart communications systems and networks, Smart system development using Internet of Things

Computing for Sustainable Research

Internet of Things(IOT), Smart Cities, Smart Materials, Sustainable High-Performance Systems, Sustainable Industries, Sustainable e-SCM, Smart Energy Systems, Healthcare, Business Intelligence, Production Systems and Modeling, Transportation and Logistics, E-waste Analysis and Solutions, Smart Technology in Education and E learning.

Functional Advanced Material Engineering with AI

Internet of Things(IOT), Intelligent Membrane, Functional Materials for Image Recognization, Materials Intelligence, Materials Informatics, Computational Material Science.

Special Session

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